Can’t think inside these lines
can’t write your tall tales
can’t dance for all the signs
can’t sing along the scales

can’t run within your streets
can’t keep away from bogs
can’t drum to your beats
can’t dress like catalogues

can’t be a girl on a pedestal
can’t see me in your mags
can’t stop skipping till I fall
can’t swim between the flags

magnetic poetry

as you go tell people
of his immense love
let your wild morning songs
crack the blue
as we pronounce staggering
secrets to all
he will consume in tongues
burn away dirt
shower with liquid summer
yet not bruise me

put him on, my sister, like lace
these tendrils grow and
blossom fully
smell a bouquet like red evening
glass running over
her daily meal from a book
the slender avenue is not dark
a sounder teacher is here


one heads for the water
and one for the sand
one to the ocean
the other to high land
one pursues ambition
another longs to hold a hand
while one seeks knowledge
the other tries simply to understand

tree craving

are the trees
I'm craving trees
bring back the trees
begging you please
down on my knees
my sanity flees
if no trees
I crave

twilight sail

water surrounds me
and full moon hovers
just above brooding clouds
city lights remind me
we're still in mad city
but listen!
...and wind
...and sails

evening swim

into the darkness
we wade,
gingerly at first,
unsure of our senses...
calm ocean
greets us
each rolling swell soothes...
one by one
we succumb
to her caresses,
joining in
her honey embrace.
Now we are
into her arms,
pleasure undisguised.


I will cycle -
I won't take the train.
I will run along the beach
and drink a fruit smoothie.
I won't stay late,
I won't waste lunch hour.
I will enjoy the sunshine,
enjoy being young,
enjoy the sea...
I will be free.


I love the rain,
I love the clouds,
I love the trees...

I'm on my knees,
I'm on my knees,
I'm on my knees...

You show me beauty 
every day
in little things

And my soul sings,
yes my soul sings,
it sings, it sings


enter inner solace
on tiptoe...
close eyes,
open soul


like your feet
are on fire
like a bird
at dawn
what you think,
and mean it
to be you,
and have dreams