I have danced with the naked
faeries of the forest.
I have stared at a thousand peacock eyes –
every leaf, every blade
a watchful sentry…
All around, the doleful sighs.

On the river’s dappled reflections
I saw my future, impressions,
painted – not yet dry.
In an ocean of colours
I swam, losing myself
in endless sky.

Among the rugged rocks
I have walked, and sat,
and cried…
The crashing plumes of waves
blown back, back…
forcing all selfish thoughts aside.

As waterfalls plummet
to an endless death –
life is exploding all around.
And the jibbering, chirruping,
gaggling, twittering
calls of the birds abound.

I have spoken to the sweet
little bird that answered
my feeble calls,
I listened as well, to a tale,
sad to tell – of the carnage
when each tree falls.

Oh, to embrace
that fragile forest,
like a fiercely protective mother.
To dwell in her foliage,
suckle, scamper…
frolick, burrow!!